Amusement(park) in winter

All magic: having fun in the winter. Even if there is not always snow at the right times, with a little preparatory thinking and creativity we will still be on the road. Visiting an amusement park in winter is the ultimate outing. Dark setting with atmospheric Christmas lights. Campfires and hearths. Nostalgic songs. Lots of 'winters' food and drinks such as pea soup, hot chocolate and mulled wine. And here and there even skating and cross-country skiing rinks.

stroller Amusement park winter tip

Which outdoor theme parks are open in winter?

A small selection to get you started.
Of course the Efteling. The most famous amusement park in the Netherlands and far beyond undergoes an annual metamorphosis into WinterEfteling. Toverland is also usually open during the magical winter weeks. Holiday and amusement park Slagharen also has a winter edition. Duinrell transforms itself into WinterDuinrell during the colder months with a fun nightglow children's disco. Walibi knows the Bright Nights during the Christmas holidays, thousands of lights that put the attractions in the spotlight. If you cross the border, consider the Wintertraum in Phantasialand in Germany, or Noël Gaulois in Parc Astérix in France.

How do you ensure that you are well prepared for a visit to an amusement park in winter?

Some suggestions that you may not immediately think of:
• In addition to the opening hours, especially check the period in the winter when the park is open; not all parks are open all winter;
• If you go abroad, check whether the school holidays run at the same time to avoid unnecessary crowds;
• Check the weather forecast. Cold weather? Provide thermal clothing and warm thick socks; Wet, winter showers? Think of a folding umbrella or a poncho; a waterproof phone case is also a good idea; one of good, premium quality that allows you to continue using your mobile even when it snows or rains;
• A plastic bag for soaking wet clothes works wonders;
• Also bring a portable charger, a power bank or charge card. Your cell phone's battery, and with it your camera, performs worse in cold weather;
• Bring a backpack and a portable travel safe for your valuables. Especially if you go with children, that chance is almost 100%, you will be constantly distracted; You can safely store important items such as your keys, wallet, cards and portable chargers with a 3-digit combination lock;
• And… finally, if there is one, install the amusement park app, very handy!