The-this-time-I-really-don't-forget-this-holiday checklist

It can no longer be such a job with all the apps and social media available to make a packing list when you go on vacation. However?How is it possible that you keep forgetting something?

Easy to pack vacation check list 2023

What helps is a handy short additional checklist for each type of holiday.

That suddenly makes packing your suitcase a lot easier and clearer. Memory aids, rhymes, synonyms and mnemonics can be cleverly used for such a lean-and-mean additional holiday checklist.

Let's go on an adventurous expedition on horseback.

One with pristine landscapes, far away from mainstream tourists and everyday comforts such as power outlets. You sit on your horse, the typical kjie-kjie-kjie sound of a bald eagle in the distance, step through and tada…. beautiful colored mountain ranges loom. What are you thinking of? Capture, photo, video! With what then? Your mobile, of course. Cell phone and mnemonic, rhyme, metaphor, synonym? After all, you are creating your additional vacation list, what comes to mind? Your mobile camera doesn't give a kick, but still a click? What is the actuality of my electricity? Even after hours and hours in nature without charging stations, does it work or doesn't it? What does a cell phone stand for? Portable, portable! So what's portable? And therefore always handy to carry along for the road?

See there. The beginning of your additional 'this-time-I-really-don't-forget' holiday checklist is here.

From now on on your additional holiday packing list: cell phone/slash/camera/slash/portable/slash/electricity. So power bank, charge card with you. Robust document bag or travel safe that can be locked with a pin code.
If you do not forget that, then the items below can also be taken on your trip…

Handy supplementary checklist for horseback riding holidays in untouched nature

• Mobile camera does not give a kick, but a click
• Power bank
• Robust document bag or travel safe that can be locked with a pin code
• Eye patches
• Flight support socks can also be used while riding
• Belt buckle for your belt
• Cowboy hat used during carnival
• Multi-purpose dental floss
• Tick remover & disinfectant hand gel
• Completely sustainable degradable rubbish bin
• Mini fridge that can be connected to a power bank


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