Gift giving stress

According to the well-known foundation Stiftung fűr Zukunftsfragen in Germany, one in three Germans experiences outright stress when thinking of and buying gifts around the holidays. If it is the case in Germany, it will not be much different in France, Italy and the Netherlands. Especially in the run-up to Christmas, many people reach 'panic position', the Stiftung indicates. It is not so much about (lack of) money.

Gift giving stress

The stress is with the purchase.

It is almost never limited to one gift for one person. And you want to leave a good impression while you actually have no idea what you will make the person in question happy with. In addition, it is very 'in' these days to give someone a gift that suits her or his life phase. If you think further, with those countless annual recurring gift moments, the stress can just escalate. Result: annual stress rallies!

Whoa, stop. Wait a minute.

So here are five tips to help deal with gift stress:
• think of gifts that really benefit the recipient, that will actually be used
• ask indirectly, at some point in the year, about gift ideas that someone doesn't allow themselves
• do not choose (much) expensive or cheap gifts; if they are too expensive you will get the feeling that they also have to return an expensive gift and if they are cheap the impression may arise that they are of little value to you, or even more stress!
• stock up on gifts throughout the year, this way you prevent that one gift from being completely sold out at that one moment
• and don't look for gadgets or humor gifts, the laughter is quite short and the trash can close by

To help you on your way, here are a number of original (gift) tips that really benefit 'them' and you:

• adjust your search terms, do not search for products themselves, but for the size of the product or the environment, for example credit card size or wilderness
• if you are dealing with such an outdoor or wilderness gift recipient, who goes out with a kayak, mountain bike or snowboard, then a power bank is an original gift; do buy a power bank that is ultra-thin, lightweight and can charge ultra-fast and ultra-powerful
• a colorful and creative person receives a gift from you? work with colors, think of a 100% waterproof floating Phone Case in pink or blue; include a small note saying: “this original floating phone case turns your phone into an underwater camera, bring on those crystal clear photos and videos”
• is the receiver known as a slob? Then give him or her a flexible portable anti-theft bag; convenient to lock with a 3-digit combination lock on fixed objects when traveling, but also simply for at home in the cupboard

No stress, prepared on the way to gift success!