Just like the movie

At Chippewa Square in the city of Savannah in Georgia, United States. While sitting, reenact the couch scene from the movie Forrest Gump. Or stroll through the charming streets of Notting Hill in London. And what about Harry Potter. You don't have to go to Scotland for it, many magical film scenes were 'just' shot in London. King's Cross station was the setting for track 9 ¾ and you can walk through the shopping alley where Harry bought his 'teaching materials' at the Leadenhall Market in the Bull's Head Passage 42. Still in Scotland? The story of the Outlander series begins in Inverness. Near Inverness is the mysterious Craigh na Dun, where Claire traveled through the stones.

movie locations United Kingdom

Visiting (former) film locations is a nice addition or perhaps an enrichment of your holiday

Because throw it over a different tack. Consciously go to a number of movie locations along the way and build your holiday around them. The 'bycatch' is bigger than you think. Downton Abbey was recorded in southern England in the North Wessex Downs. An area known as Outstanding Natural Beauty. You can stargaze with a clear sky. And after Downton Abbey there is still plenty of choice left, from The Crown, Peaky Blinders to the costume drama Bridgerton, which was also shot in Bath in County Somerset in addition to London. And Bath is a World Heritage city with stylish late 18th century architecture.

A 'film location' holiday in the United Kingdom does require the necessary preparation

Rain falls in all months of the year. On average, there are 100 days a year when you get more than 1mm of rain in London alone. In the rest of the country you are already moving towards 200 days.

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Take our tips with you on your trips:

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