No holiday without energy guzzlers

Have you ever really thought about how dependent you are on devices while on vacation? Your smartphone to stay in touch with and your payment app to use for. Your E-reader, to take your mind off the pool. Your laptop, to be able to wave to family far away via Teams and - unlike yourself - still at home. Or what about your tablet for photo, video, series and movies. And then we haven't even talked about your drone, curling iron, kettle, shaver and e-cigarette.

E reader charger power bank

Try to imagine going on vacation without a device, without electronics, without electricity.

It is almost unthinkable in this day and age. Of course you can always disconnect, you are free to do so. Presumably there are already holidays to book where you can disconnect completely. Then you miss all the benefits. Such as easily looking up the opening hours of your favorite museum or checking whether or not you missed your flight. Devices also remain useful for storing the most beautiful memories, pictures and conversations or to inspire you with the most beautiful stories.

There is a tiny, small disadvantage that applies to all those devices.

They slurp, suck and gobble up all available energy. And faster than you think. More often than not, those energy guzzlers with 'low battery' don't give at home. And more often than not in the most awkward, sometimes embarrassing moments.

No carefree holiday without those energy guzzlers!

So here are some useful tips. Can you put 'so' at the top of your holiday checklist.

• Keep control of your devices with a separate power bank/charge card;
• And then one that you can put in your wallet, a credit card size, lightweight;
• And one with multiple USB connection points and with cables;
• Don't forget the converter/travel plug; Australia and Switzerland are really different from the United States, 230V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz;

Finally, make your holiday completely carefree and safe at the same time by storing your power bank/charge card in a travel safe that can be protected with a PIN code. The Flexsafe.