Recharge while skiing

When you go on on a skiing trip, you have a little more to explain these days. Just reporting winter sports to family and friends is no longer enough. What exactly do you mean? Are you going downhill skiing, freestyle skiing or snowboarding? No? Then you definitely go for the ski cross, Nordic disciplines or ski jumping? Also not? Then it must be freeriding?

winter sport charger charge card

It should be clear that winter sports have developed over the years.

Alpine skiing is and remains the most famous discipline. It is the oldest and largest winter sports section. The Nordic disciplines are also real old ladies. Snowboarding is relatively a young sport. The same goes for freeriding. Then you go down next to the slopes and outside the ski area. These new young but very popular parts have been created by new materials, new skis and snowboards.

Old or new, whatever has remained is the cold.

At least to a certain extent. And what has come is the cell phone. With the accompanying camera. Apps to track your achievements. And of course accessibility. It is precisely that combination, cold and mobile phone, that is a tricky thing during winter sports. In cold temperatures, the battery drains quite quickly. Just think of an electric car that you park on top of a mountain and that suddenly turns out to be empty at the end of the day. This with the knowledge that a charger can only be found down in the valley. And then?
It is not the case that the battery of your mobile phone drains faster in cold conditions. Due to the cold, the battery of your phone can simply provide less energy. Protect the phone for a start with a waterproof phone case with a built-in airbag. You retain the full functionality of the phone if you choose the high-quality phone covers. So why not?

The best solution is to take a charge card with you.

Especially if you go freeriding. You can often store an ultra-thin credit card format charge card in a waterproof phone case, just like a mobile phone. Or put the charge card in your wallet. Or keep it in your ski jacket pocket. It is also much more comfortable to take a charge card or power bank with you on winter sports. You have full control over interim charging. Power outlets are hard to find and if you can charge at all, it's very busy and the risk increases that you forget your phone or even worse that your mobile phone is stolen.

Where and when does a charge card come in handy?

For freeriding if you regularly go off-piste. But also think of the Nordic disciplines such as long-distance cross-country skiing. And last but not least if you like skiing, crowds, a drink, carnival, loud music and therefore après-ski.