Safe included

We all understand that, especially those "all-inclusive" vacations! And with the additional option of "ultra-all-inclusive." Oh wait, "additional" might be too difficult a word. I mean, of course, just extra additions. When you think of extras, with an ultra-all-inclusive variant, make sure you check what's included before you book. Otherwise, it doesn't make much sense to opt for such a variant, I mean, to choose.


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With "ultra," it's about more luxurious..

..(imported) drinks than the local ones, a free banana ride on the local waves, or access to a wellness center. At one resort, the beach bar might be considered "ultra" inclusive, while at another, it might not be.

But beware, ultra and ultra differ from country to country or resort to resort. The boss of "ultra" is the hotel itself. Don't automatically assume that ultra-inclusive is the same worldwide. Read the hotel's website carefully for more information.

What's often not included are safe, portable, and useful travel and lodging items

(accessories or accoutrements would be nicer, but you know...). So make your own real ultra-all-inclusive vacation by wisely investing in these "things":

  • an ultra-thin credit card-sized ChargeCard with interchangeable charging cables for all phones and ultra-fast charging technology, including for your e-reader.
  • a flexible, portable, cut-resistant, and water-resistant travel safe, the FlexSafe, for your valuables, including your hotel access card, keys, watch, cash, and jewelry.
  • a 100% waterproof Phone Case to turn your mobile into an underwater camera, capturing crystal-clear photos and videos instantly, available in pink, blue, white, or black.

With reference to "ultra," I wish you a fantastic vacation and it seems obvious to me to include a portable safe!