The tip for carnival: dress up

Only one tip and does it stop there? Certainly not. If there's a party where open doors are kicked in, it's carnival, so dress up, do the look! And of course not as yourself, without a chance then you won't get in anywhere. Checking in advance what the customs are per city or village helps. A red-white-yellow scarf only works in Oeteldonk The Netherlands, with a farmer's smock you will be successful everywhere. That's right?


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We give ten. Ten tips for a mighty Carnival. And we list some handy takeaways for peace of mind during Carnival.

We already mentioned one tip, do your best on an outfit and here are nine more.
• Go for layers, it's February, time for thermal clothing
• Again, not so many layers that you can hardly go to the toilet
• Don't save on earplugs, the excuse to skip a carnival cracker
• Dosing, dosing, dosing, that beer diet, pass on a beer, if you want to last for several days, a drink without alcohol is also possible and allowed
• Store valuables in handy safe portable travel accessories, check out the handy take-along list
• Practice the polonaise at home from the bedroom, through the living room to the bathroom and back again
• Step away from the fit culture for a while and eat a little more fat, alcohol then has less influence
• Pickpockets don't wear a crook suit
• Leave a few lights on at home as well
Handy take-aways for peace of mind during Carnival
• Carry an ultra-slim, credit card-sized power bank that fits in your wallet with built-in interchangeable charging cables for all Apple and Android phones
• With an all-weather 100% waterproof Phone Case for your mobile phone you can take the most beautiful, crystal clear photos and videos even when it snows or rains
• Purchase a flexible portable theft protection bag for your entrance tickets, cash, keys or debit card, one that is equipped with a 3-digit combination lock and can be conveniently attached to any object