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AquaVault Europe

Avin, Robert and Jonathan are the founding fathers of AquaVault, producer of patented anti-theft travel products. They came up with the AquaVault, a portable safe, after their valuables were stolen while swimming. In 2016, they rose to national prominence in the United States through their participation in SharkTank and a deal with TV star and multiple New York Times bestselling author Daymond John. After the AquaVault, the FlexSafe was invented, a breakthrough in the range of safe travel accessories. The FlexSafe is a flexible, easy-to-pack, waterproof, cut-resistant portable travel safe. And just like the AquaVault, it can be attached to almost any conceivable fixed-object or object. Indoor and outdoor. The range was further expanded with the 100% waterproof Phone Case, the PhoneVault and a credit card sized ultra-thin and ultra-powerful charger, the ChargeCard.

In 2019, AquaVault decided to spread its wings outside the United States

Partner and distributor Mieke Droog has been responsible for AquaVault Europe ever since. Follow Mieke on LinkedIn or follow AquaVault Europe on Instagram and Facebook.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast, an adventurer or do you enjoy festivals, the sun or snow? You are at the right place with us. Always travel carefree and safely with our products. By canoe or kayak. On the motorcycle or mountain bike. Walking up and down mountains across Europe. In the wilderness or on the beach. In the pool or lazily on your beach bed.

Be well prepared for every trip

View the extensive range of innovative and safe travel accessories on our website. And take advantage of the discount promotions that pass by regularly. We deliver to almost all countries in Europe.


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