Get the boat in the water!

And massively too. The pandemic drove us into the boat. A sense of freedom. In a world that was locked just about everywhere, including in your own country, you didn't want to miss that boat. From sloop and inflatable boat, from canoe to kayak and for novice sailors with an open keelboat or the Optimist on the water. It is likely that a large part of the new water sports enthusiasts will 'stick', even after the pandemic.

boot aqua vault phone case Hiswa boot dusseldorf

Sailing is one of those water sports that you can get addicted to.

Not so much with a cocktail on the foredeck, rippling in the water and a dolphin here and there. That will work. If you have really discovered sailing, then the adventure has only just begun. An adventure that you also complete yourself. A personal journey of discovery tailored entirely to you. You decide whether you set course for effort or relaxation. You can do both in sailing. Sailing can be quite physical when the wind blows hard. Does it work for you to intensively distance yourself from the daily pressure(s)? Doing! Are you looking for personal development and more of an inner adventure, so no blockages, a starting burnout or stress? It seems that a week of sun holiday can be compared to a day of sailing.

Get on board!

Wind through your hair, lose a few calories along the way and look for that kick that moment when the boat skims over the water. And…. anyone can learn to sail. Even if you've never taken that step? Sure. Then you go with an experienced sailor and later take over the helm, which is also fine, right?

Boarding tips for novice sailors

• The most important question: do you have enough free time?
• Yes? Then follow as many courses as possible to find out what boating or sailing is
• And join a water sports club
• And has sailing got you? Rent a boat first, think long(er) about a purchase

Where can you find the most beautiful (sailing) boats?

• In January in Düsseldorf in Germany, Boot, the water sports fair in Europe, perhaps in the world
• Launched after the summer at Hiswa in Bataviahaven in Lelystad
• Is your wallet slightly deeper and well filled? In September, in the old port, there is the Cannes Yachting Festival

In order not to get caught up in the middle of the road, what should you remember before boarding?

• A waterproof tip to start with: the 100% waterproof floating Phone Case with adjustable neck strap and suitable for all mobile phones; impact resistant with built-in airbag (handy for kids!), ideal with your smartphone under water for crystal clear photos
• Ideal for attaching to any object and water resistant, a portable travel FlexSafe; an anti-theft safe bag for your valuables
• And for easy storage in your waterproof Phone Case: a portable ultra-thin charger, a credit card-sized ChargeCard with interchangeable cables for any phone

Get happy and add a tarp!