King's Day in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Strolling around the flea market, sitting on your rug to get rid of that clutter and everything turns orange from playgrounds, schools and squares. It's all possible again on King's Day on April 27. In 2023, the Royal family will visit Rotterdam, the city that owes its name to a dam in the river Rotte. And the city where King Willem-Alexander not only celebrates his birthday that year, but will also celebrate his 10-year reign: 10 years of Kingship in 010. Residents, entrepreneurs, sponsors and especially children make it a wonderful party entirely in the theme of 'We are all kings & queens'. Bring on the festivals and orange bitter!

Blog koningsdag 2023 Kings day

Take these tips to heart when greeting the King
• Don't put out your hand first, the King won't embarrass you and make you feel uncomfortable
• Don't call him Royal Highness, call him Majesty; Queen Maxima is also spoken to Majesty
• A nod of the head, a sign of respect, but don't overdo it, no big dippers
Make the most of your King's Day with these tips
• The day itself can be quite tough, parties are everywhere and it is especially a lot of walking, because trams are not working for a while
• Arrange on time tickets or always reserve the best seats
• Provide comfortable clothing, a raincoat/poncho and a backpack and, of course, as much orange as possible
• And that backpack may have the best space for your flea market conquests
• Wet baby wipes for all eating mishaps on the go
• Doppers, for your ears and something to drink along the way
• Ear plugs are most welcome as you shuffle past benevolent but common folk singers and Wannabee DJs
• Charged phones! If not, check out the gift ideas below
• Take cash with you, you don't use a debit card at the flea market and also check the gift tip on the right

Give yourself three indispensable items from someone else for a long King's Day
• An all-weather waterproof phone cover so that you can also take the most beautiful crystal clear photos and videos with your mobile phone when it rains
• A full ChargeCard power bank, where else can you charge your mobile phone ultra-fast in the crowds, along the route of your dress? Check out the credit card-sized power banks, ultra-thin lightweights that you put right in your wallet
• A flexible anti-theft bag with a 3-digit combination lock for your money, earphones and painkillers; you can easily attach such a FlexSafe to a pram, for example, and it is also very handy for at home