Rank your smartphone powerbank

It sounds simple. Compile yourself a top list of power banks for your smartphone. You tend to rank based on price and capacity. Or you quickly search for 'best this or that'. The result is an abundance of power banks for almost all electrically rechargeable devices and also criss-cross. Overwhelming. Where to start? 


charge card rank your smartphone power bank


It may help to first ask yourself what the purpose of such a portable charger is

How to take such a charge card with you. And how you can protect the power bank itself. And a good one: can I combine?

Inspiration for a self-compiled 'rank-your-powerbank' top list can also help you a long way

Below our ranking tips and then our smart combi tips.

Rank tips for smartphone portable chargers

  • Adventurers and whatsapp group chatters go for long usage time 'while in motion'
  • Conflict avoiders who avoid quarrels over sockets at the campsite and roadside restaurants buy not one but two with a combination discount
  • Only and exclusively avoid selection on price, with cheap versions the risk of defects such as overloading increases
  • In addition to amperage and battery capacity, also focus on keywords such as 'multiple inputs'; especially useful when traveling if you like meeting new people
  • You carry the power bank everywhere you go, areas without charging points, so pay attention to weight first and foremost
  • Easy to hide size?
  • Built-in charging cables or not? And are they interchangeable?
  • How long does it take to charge the power bank? Is there ultra-fast charging technology?
  • LED-indicator lights?
  • Stainless steel design?

Smart combi tips

  • See what can be combined, can other devices be connected in addition to your smartphone, such as an e-reader, your earphones/airpods?
  • Go for an ultra-thin, preferably credit card-sized power bank that can be combined with your wallet
  • Combine a charge card purchase with a waterproof Phone Case with airbag and prevent water and impact damage;
  • Protect your power bank (and your mobile phone, your keys, your valuable papers, etc.) by storing it on the go in a portable, flexible, anti-theft bag, a FlexSafe; with reprogrammable 3-digit combination lock; and light weight which can be locked to fixed objects

No yard without a chargecard!