Route 66

The breathtaking, scenic route with exciting mountain passes, castles, northern highlands and local whiskey distilleries. Over a distance of 830 kilometers from Inverness to Durness. Huh, it's about the Route 66, right? Sure! Only then a look-a-like: Scotland's Route 66, The North Coast 500 route. Even the Netherlands has a route inspired by the American Route 66, the N34 in Drenthe and a piece of Overijssel: the Hunebed Highway.


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The Route 66

The nostalgic symbol of the role of the car in American society in particular, stands for freedom, for new encounters and of course real American classics such as the diner, motels with neon lighting and large billboards. Still, almost 100 years later, the route inspires not only look-a-likes but also adventurers worldwide on motorcycles, in a camper or in classic American vintage cars. Officially, Route 66 no longer exists, it was discontinued in 1985. Due to the arrival of highways, the route fell into disrepair. Fortunately, two years later it has been restored to its former glory under a new name, The Historic Route 66. Parts of the route have been declared a monument and some villages breathe the intimate, cozy atmosphere of yesteryear. The largest ketchup bottle in the world is also still there, in Colinsville, Illinois. The classic Route 66 route passes through eight states and three time zones. The start is in Chicago, Illinois between the skyscrapers and the finish in Santa Monica, California. Or vice versa of course, whatever you want.

The best time to visit is from the beginning of April to mid-June

Take about two to three weeks for it, for those almost 4000 km. The weather is then perfect, all roads are open, the route is passable during that period. Motorcycle fans opt for Fly&Bike travel, campers opt for an RV road trip and what prevents someone from completing the route in an American classic car? Rent, such a big box!

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