Valentine's Day

An abundance of cards, flowers, sweet words, candlelight, presents and packed cinemas? There's no other way, February 14, it's Valentine's Day! The day of love symbols, the red rose and Cupid. Red the color of love and perfection. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans honored their goddess of love Aphrodite and Venus with a rose. And Cupid can no longer be ignored as a symbol of love at first sight. Many people think Valentine's Day is a nice day. In the Netherlands, this applies to nine out of ten people. And Valentine's Day is no longer just the domain of lovebirds. For parents, Valentine's Day is a rare movie night without little kids. Couples who have been together for decades need Valentine's Day to rekindle the flame. Friends and (grand)parents also receive a flower, a gesture or a card.

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Valentine's Day is now big business and the day is celebrated worldwide

Around St. Valentine, Americans spend billions on candy, cards, chocolate, jewelry, and flowers. Cards remain the most popular for friendship and appreciation. In Great Britain it is all love in the air with candlelight dinners and romantic getaways. And if you live as a man in South Korea or Japan, then you have it done. Women buy chocolate for their partners on Valentine's Day (who in turn give something back with cake and flowers during this day).

Not everyone is waiting for Valentine's Day, for singles the day can be a real torment

On the other hand, there are enough singles or singles who consciously choose Tender, Love and Care on this day. Pamper yourself, self love, self love. And why not?

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