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Shipping policy

100% of orders are shipped within one business day. Orders placed over the weekend are dispatched on Monday.

Standard shipping: The Netherlands, 1-3 business days (may vary between shipping companies).

Standard shipping: Luxembourg, Germany & Belgium, 2-5 business days (may vary between shipping companies).

Standard shipping: Bulgaria, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia,  3-10 business days (may vary between shipping companies).

What are the Delivery & Shipping costs?

AquaVault Europe ships up to 27 countries throughout Europe. We are constantly working on getting the best shipping rates for our customers.

In most cases you can select one of our carriers DHL and PostNL. Please note: due to Covid-19 or technical failure of our carriers, we might switch the carrier you selected. This is the case if we can’t guarantee you the best service. 

These are our current rates*:

  • The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ierland & Germany: free shipping
  • Luxembourg & Belgium from € 2,95
  • Bulgaria, France & Greece from € 6,95  
  • Italy, Portugal & Spain from € 5,95
  • Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia from € 3,95
  • Romania & Slovenia from € 5,95
  • Norway, Switzerland from € 28,00
  • Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania from € 15,00
  • Croatia from € 28,00

* Apply to 2022-2023. Rates may change; Please check our checkout page for current rates.



Can I purchase from the UK?

Yes, you can. If you are in the UK, please go to our AquaVault Europe page. We ship internationally, UK included.

Before Brexit UK consumers were free to buy items from anywhere in the EU without incurring import duties and other charges. That all changed on 31 January 2020. We strive to make it as transparent and easy for you as possible.

There is a chance that you have to pay import duties and/or clearance costs. Where applicable, these charges will be passed on to you. Please visit your local government page for details.

We use a 0% VAT rate. This VAT will be paid by the customer/buyer in the UK. For more information or contact about this subject, we refer you to your government or tax authorities.

Free shipping to the UK

*Exchange rate July 2022 Rates may change; Please check our checkout page for current rates. Our web shop currency is Euro. Pay with PayPal or Credit Card possible and easy.

For large quantity purchases, please contact us by email:

FAQ FlexSafe

Could someone just steal or open my FlexSafe?
The FlexSafe is an anti-theft safe bag. Made of high quality 5-layer Nylon, it’s slash-resistance!
Absolutely impossible to open? No, but It will take a lot of time and heavy gear to open any of our vaults. AquaVault acts as a deterrent.

What’s the FlexSafe by AquaVault made of?
The FlexSafe is made of high quality materials that are water & slash resistant. Your stuff is protected from skimming too due to RFID-blocking. The FlexSafe consists of 5 Layers protection:

Nylon, Interior lining

RFID, blocking material

3MM EVA, for rigidity

Ultra slash resistant material

1680 D denier Nylon, outer layer

FAQ ChargeCard

What is an external battery charger?
When you’re on the go and need extra power for a dying phone or a weary camera, carrying extra batteries is necessary, but it takes up space. An external battery charger, like the AquaVault ultra-thin credit card sized charger lets you carry just one gadget that can charge up for both Apple & Android.  

What’s the difference between a power bank, a portable charger and an external battery charger?
These terms refer tot the same class of devices and can generally be used interchangeably. Portable chargers and power banks are more or less the same. Power banks and portable chargers, such as the AquaVault ChargeCard, in general are more compact and lightweight.

How does the AquaVault ChargeCard work?
The portable ChargeCard is incredibly easy to use. Charge it first. Once fully charged you can plug your phone or tablet into the ChargeCard. The ChargeCard will then start charging your device. Just as simple and easy as effective.

What does the mAh Capacity mean?
Power banks, external battery chargers have a capacity rated in mAh (milliampere hours). A measure of the charge stored within the portable charger.

Can I use the ChargeCard for my iPad?
With the AquaVault ChargeCArd ultra-fast charging technology you can charge portable speakers, AirPods, headphones, iPhone 11, iPads and much more. Our ChargeCard is compatible with all major device manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Android and more.

How long does the AquaVault ChargeCard last?
Most external batteries or power banks lose capacity in time. Cold weather conditions can make your phone die even more quickly. The ChargeCard is an emergency speed charger and remains capacity at least for 6 months, with peaks even up to 12 months or longer. And the side of the ChargeCard has four LED power lights displaying how much battery charge is left. The ChargeCard can easily be recharged with the USB cable included. For best performance, longer lifetime charge your ChargeCard only up to 80% and discharge only to 20%. Pay attention to the LED power lights.
Our tip: Are you planning to only use the charger for emergencies? Charge the AquaVault ChargeCard once every 3 months. Put the date in your calender and you’re settled.  

What’s the lifespan of the ChargeCard?
Stored in a dry, cool place and properly taken care of it’ll last for several years. If you use the ChargeCard multiple times a day , eventually over time the battery performance degrades gradually. This applies to all batteries.

Do I need charging cables?
As an external phone & laptop battery charger the ChargeCard has built in charging cables for both Apple & Android which means you don’t have to carry around any additional cables.

What is the ChargeCards weight?
The AquaVault ChargeCard is a lightweight device, only 99 grams.  

Is the ChargeCard suitable for my kids?
Our own experience is that teens leave from home with an almost empty phone battery. It’s a common issue. The ChargeCard by AquaVault, with its cool & small design fits right in their wallets. It’s a portable charger for all smartphones, Apple, Samsung & Android included.
Taking selfies, chat all day and keep in touch with your parents. It’s a win-win.

Does the ChargeCard make a good promotional product?
Definitely. An AquaVault product with your corporate logo on it is a statement-making thank-you to clients, employees. Give a gift that’s built to last a lifetime. 

FAQ's Phone Case

Do smartphones sink or float?
There is very little air space in a modern smartphone. Therefore when released into a swimming pool or ocean you’re smartphone will sink. But we make your cellphone or smartphone float in water! The AquaVault Floating Phone Case or bag is equipped to do just that. And waterproof obviously.

How do we make your smartphone float in water?
Air is less dense than water. Any item whose volume is more air than anything else will float. Therefore our AquaVault Floating Phone Case was created with a unique airbag. With our AquaVault waterproof phone case we protect your phone by using material of the highest quality, IPX8 level. Our Triple Seal Design is leak thigh with reinforced corners. Our waterproof floating phone case is essential when fishing, sailing and on boat trips.

Does the AquaVault Phone Case fits all phones?  
Yes. Samsung Galaxy 21, 51 & 71 iPhone XS Max, 11 & 12, pro to name a few. Our AquaVault floating and waterproof phone case fits all phones. Universal size.

Can I retain full functionality of my phone while in the waterproof phone case?
Yes your phone will be 100% functional while in water. The AquaVault phone case is flexible and comes with a adjustable neck strap. You can (still) make phone calls, send messages and even turn your device into an underwater camera. Crystal clear underwater pictures and videos with our AquaVault phone case. As easy as that.                                                                                         

Is the AquaVault Phone case sand proof too?                                          
Yes. The AquaVault phone case is sand proof too. On the beach, any type of water sport or even winter sport your phone sealed with our floating mobile phone case.                                                                                                       

Can I store money in the phone case?                                                         
Yes you can. People often call our AquaVault phone case a money pouch. You can store your debit card or money in it. 

FAQ's Potable Beach Chair Safe

How do you lock your Personal Portable Safe (as seen on Shark Tank) onto fixed objects to secure your valuables?
Secure your AquaVault Personal Portable Safe to a rod, a bar, a chair similarly to a clam shell close. With the holes being on both sides of the unit, it allows the bar or rod to run through the center of the vault creating a very sturdy enclosure.
Anti-theft safe that locks onto fixed objects to secure your valuables from thieves. Lock it to your lounge chair, closet rod, boat railing, stroller, golf cart and more.  
For added peace of mind choose AquaVault on your next trip.
I'm interested in promoting and selling our products in Europe. Who can I contact?
We're always looking for qualified partnerships. Feel free to contact us at or visit our contact page.

Is your Q not listed? Please contact our AquaVault Europe support team: 
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